FREE Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment

To find out your eligibility to migrate to Australia, please complete our FREE questionnaire below. This assessment is designed to assist us in determining which visa application pathway would suit you best and have the best prospects of success. It incorporates the criteria set by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship(DIMC). Once you have submitted the form, your details will be assessed by a registered migration agent, who will provide you with an eligibility report by email.

Please note: this free assessment does not represent comprehensive migration or legal advice. You should not rely on this result alone as a true indication of your ability to apply for migration to Australia.

The next step

To obtain a realistic assessment of your eligibility for migration to Australia including clear instructions on how to apply for a specific visa, please choose one of the following options:

Personal Interview

Visit us at our offices in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. The cost of the interview is AU$250 (including GST) for up to an hour. To make an appointment ring +61 7 5591 0309 or email:

Telephone Interview

Email or ring us to book a telephone conference and we will call you back at the arranged time. The cost of a telephone interview is AU$200 (including GST) for up to an hour plus the cost of the call. Tel: +61 430 28 56 56 or email:

On-line Migration Assessment and Advice

We also provide comprehensive on-line migration assessment and advice at AU$200 (including GST) per assessment. To request a comprehensive on-line assessment with advice please email:

Your preliminary interview will provide you with sufficient information to prepare your own visa application if you choose to do so. If after your preliminary interview you decide to engage our services, the costs of your application will be fixed and your initial interview fees will be deducted from the total service cost. The cost of your visa application will depend on the nature of your application, the complexities and the actual time undertaken to complete the task.

Payment can be made by VISA card, MasterCard, Bank Card, an electronic bank transfer or cash.

FREE Assessment

(Complete the form below for your free assessment)

First Applicant 
1. Full first name(s): 
1. Surname: 
1. Date of Birth: 
1. Age: 
1. Home address (a physical address, not postal address): 
1. Telephone number (include the area code): 
1. Email address: 
1. Career: 
1. Current Employer: 
1. Number of yearsí experience in current position: 
1. Highest qualification University: 
1. Highest qualification Technicon: 
1. Highest qualification College: 
1. Highest qualification Trade: 
1. Highest qualification School: 
1. English (Please indicate your level of speaking, understanding, reading and writing): 
Second Applicant 
2. Full first name(s): 
2. Surname: 
2. Date of Birth: 
2. Age: 
2. Career: 
2. Current Employer: 
2. Number of yearsí experience in current position: 
2. Highest qualification University: 
2. Highest qualification Technicon: 
2. Highest qualification College: 
2. Highest qualification Trade: 
2. Highest qualification School: 
2. English (Please indicate your level of speaking, understanding, reading and writing): 
Under aged members of the family who should be included in your application 
3a. Full first name(s): 
3a. Surname: 
3a. Date of Birth: 
3a. Age: 
3b. Full first name(s): 
3b. Surname: 
3b. Date of Birth: 
3b. Age: 
3c. Full first name(s): 
3c. Surname: 
3c. Date of Birth: 
3c. Age: 
3d. Full first name(s): 
3d. Surname: 
3d. Date of Birth: 
3d. Age jaar wat by die aansoek ingesluit moet word (bv voltydse studente wat van u afhanklik is): 
Family members older than 18 years who should be included in your application (e.g. full time students who are financially dependent on you) 
4a. Full first name(s): 
4a. Surname: 
4a. Date of Birth: 
4a. Age: 
4b. Full first name(s): 
4b. Surname: 
4b. Date of Birth: 
4b. Age: 
Do you have any family in Australia who has permanent residency status or who are Australian citizens? If YES, please state their relationship to you and their physical address in Australia.: 
Do you or any person included in your application suffer from any chronic illness such as diabetes? If YES please provide details: 
Do you or any person included in your application have a criminal record? A criminal record will have an influence on your visa application. If YES, please : 
When would you like to move to Australia? (e.g. within the next 6 months, within the next year or as soon as possible): 
Have you been to Australia before and if not, would you like an introductory tour?: 
Please indicate under which category you wish to migrate to Australia 
Student (to study full time, either at a University
or for a trade),Employer Nominated Visa (for people over 45
years who wish to migrate under the skills
classification),Skills (for people under 45 years of age),Business (minimum requirement is assets worth
AU$250,000),Family (brother/sister/fiancť/partner/parents)
Student (to study full time, either at a University or for a trade): 
Employer Nominated Visa (for people over 45 years who wish to migrate under the skills classification): 
Skills (for people under 45 years of age): 
Business (minimum requirement is assets worth AU$250,000): 
Family (brother/sister/fiancť/partner/parents): 
Do you have any preferences as to the State or area in which you would like to settle? E.g. A specific State or metropolitan area or regional area: 
Your contact details 
5a. Name and Surname: 
5a. Postal Address: 
5a. Telephone number at work (area code + number): 
5a. Telephone number after hours (area code + number): 
5a. Email address: 
I want a short free initial assessment to determine whether I will qualify to migrate to Australia: 
Please list the title of the position you wish to apply for. I agree to pay an administrative fee of AU$100 to Visas-R-Us for this service: 
I wish to work in Australia and want assistance in obtaining a job offer. I agree that my personal contact and job details will be : 

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